Maglev train in Shanghai

I took the Transrapid from Longyang Road train station in Pudong (Shanghai suburb) to Pudong international airport in 2007...

Distance : 30 kilometers
Time : 7 minutes 20 secondes
Cruise speed : 431 km/h (speeding up - cruise 2 minutes - slowing down).

maglev à Shanghai
Seen from Longyang Road station, the tracks on which the maglev train floats.

maglev en chine
The head of the Shanghai maglev train.

Almost looks like a suburban train... Well guess what this one goes up to 431 km/h as cruising speed in commercial operation, a maglev train is not your typical suburban train!

This track was built mainly to show off. Most of the components were built in Germany as the technology is German. Although the line is currently not very useful (Longyang Road station is in the middle of nowhere) it will be extended in the coming years.

As a passenger you'll have a great experience riding this train...

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